Art Verona 2023

Art Verona
From October 13, 2023 until October 15, 2023
Verona - Veronafiere, Veneto, l-Italja
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ArtVerona 13—15 Ottubru 2023

Giulio Paulini – And in Arcadia Ego. ArtVerona introduces the exhibitors of its eighteenth Edition. ArtVerona's 18th edition is presented in Milan. LIVES – The amazing life of Maurizio Catelan in words and music.

The first collaboration between ArtVerona's Habitat (13-15 October), the section that recreates immersive environments, and the Gallery is what led to this exhibition. Paolini's work will be displayed alongside the works of Gianni Collombo and Marinella Pirrell in the fair's space.

ArtVerona will inaugurate the private event on Thursday, October 12, which will introduce the exhibitors for its 18th anniversary exhibition, which is being held at Veronafiere, from 13 to 15, October. The event is under the direction Stefano Raimondi.

ArtVerona 2020, under the artistic direction Stefano Raimondi confirms its position as the first event in the autumn calendar for contemporary art fairs. It also presents itself as a place to choose when it comes to the valorisation and promotion of the Italian art market.

Contemporary art appears to be a difficult world, one that is distant and elitist. It does seem to be. If you are curious, you will discover new perspectives on the world. As? The rock star lives of some of the greatest names in contemporary art.

ArtVerona continues to follow the directions set forth by the artistic director Stefano Raimondi. This includes strengthening the dialogue between the national and international operators. A fair that is attentive to history and innovation, capable of presenting contemporary art and its masters, and able to present the most innovative languages of the moment. It creates, through the many sections and projects it animates, knowledge-sharing spaces. The 18th edition will take place from 13 to 15 Oct 2023.

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Verona - Veronafiere, Veneto, l-Italja Verona - Veronafiere, Veneto, l-Italja


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Ho visto questa città sui social e me ne sono innamorata, voglio partecipare alla festa che si terrà dal 13 al 15 ottobre, grazie.

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